What's your biggest video pain point?

I have to appear on video and need guidance with my virtual setup.

I'm struggling with video and online searching isn't helpful.

I'm brand new to video creation and need help getting started!

Put your best virtual face forward.

A fast-tracked session to ensure your virtual on-camera setup hits the mark.

The On-Camera Audit walks you through a nine-point assessment of key areas of your virtual setup. In 30 short minutes, Katie performs a LIVE on-the-spot review of your virtual setup and gives you a personalized on-camera action plan.


When a YouTube tutorial just won't cut it.

Get personal, on-demand help directly from Katie.

1:1 On-Camera Coaching is designed to target your specific struggles with video in a single session.

That's right! No 4, 6, or 10-week commitments required! We work only on what you need help with.

Katie will work with you to address your individual on-camera pain points - those problems that a Google search just hasn't been able to solve.


All-inclusive DIY video production training

Learn EVERY step to start efficiently cranking out your own solo-produced videos (that people actually want to watch!)

The Video Production Project  offers six modules of instruction jam-packed with knowledge, tutorials and skill-building to help you successfully plan, produce and publish your own videos.


Still deciding?

No worries! Have a look at all the inclusions and prices side by side.