The Video Production Project

Project your message with authority through on-camera coaching and video creation training with Katie Fehlinger.


Let's Get Started

Let's remove the frustration, shall we?

You either want or have to use video.

Whether that's because you know the power of video and that it can help you - or you work from home and it's become part of your day-to-day.

But something's not hitting the mark...

Maybe your virtual setup isn't where you want it. Or you have repeated frustrations with creating videos. Perhaps the thought of appearing on camera freaks you out. Maybe you just have no idea where to start. Or you've got specific nagging problems that an internet search just hasn't been able to answer for you.

It's time to eliminate those frustrations, my friend. That's where I come in.

Whether you need one-on-one help or prefer to work solo, I offer training solutions to help.

Are you ready to elevate your brand, business or burgeoning creative outlet via video?

Let's work together to equip you for success...WITHOUT the overwhelm.

Work with Katie

For Serious Virtual Presenters

Make sure your virtual camera setup hits the mark for your next big presentation, interview or meeting.

For Personal, Customized Training

Nip those video pain points in the bud with a private coaching session catered to your specific needs.

For Newbie Video Creators

A six-week online course teaching you every step you need to make quality - and effective - videos.

Free Training on YouTube

Where Katie shares all sorts of free teachings, tips and tutorials for anyone new to video or in need of help.

Give Yourself the Edge!

With Katie's help, you'll equip yourself with knowledge and skills it takes many creators years to hone and perfect. Set yourself up to have IMPACT with video.

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